Ecotone, it’s the main project of Sundae Factory and the work of several persons:

  • Ludovic Esperou for Game/Level Design and a part of the code
  • Alexandre Bourdier for Art Direction and graphic production
  • Alain Bellenger for the new version of code
  • Mérédith Alfroy for some Level Design
  • Aleksi Aubry-Carlson for Sound Design

The main project of Sundae Factory is Ecotone. Started from a test in stencyl, the game has grown in progressively up to be greenlighted on Steam in 2014. It has taken quite some time but it is now available on Steam:

Ecotone is pc/mac platform game with an evolutive gameplay which allows brainwork and/or skill phases: puzzle solving, inverted gravity, time control, runner…

Player will embody a weird little masked character who will earn new skills as he completes levels.

Each level is based on an enigmatic sentence. The player will have to solve that enigma to progress and understand the main story.

Six feet under...

« An ecotone is a transition zone between two biomes. »

Traveling through 3 worlds, each containing 15 levels, the player will encounter multiple creatures, dangerous for most of them, in a dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere.

Screen 1
Screen 2

Screen 3
Screen 4